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A selection of gifts suitable for all occasions, whether it for a birthday, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day. Or just a simple 'thank you' gift.

Garnet Necklace

WAS: £285.00 NOW: £145.00

Long Handle Faux Tortoiseshell Brush

WAS: £100.50 NOW: £50.00

Faux Tortoise Shell Clothes' Brush

WAS: £76.50 NOW: £38.25

Faux Ivory Brush with Long Handle

WAS: £75.00 NOW: £37.50

Tweed Handbag

WAS: £50.00 NOW: £25.00

Cotton Bag

WAS: £34.00 NOW: £17.00

Glass Box

WAS: £25.50 NOW: £15.50

Visitor's Book

WAS: £23.50 NOW: £12.00