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The Terre Noir ceramic items are hand made in a French Atelier and have the 'Ceramistes Estampeur' mark upon the base. The dark clay from which they are made shows through the white enamel glaze in places giving them their distinctive style. The Fish Plate and Bowl are not hand made, but imitate this particular look

Fish Platter

WAS: £16.70 NOW: £8.35

Fish Bowl

WAS: £25.60 NOW: £12.80

Scalloped Edge Plate and Bowls

WAS: £46.00 NOW: £24.15

Empire Mug

WAS: £50.00 NOW: £29.00

Small Rose Pot

WAS: £65.00 NOW: £35.00

Small Rose Jug

WAS: £90.00 NOW: £48.00

Versaille Lidded Box

WAS: £100.00 NOW: £55.00