'Simplicity' Glass Vase


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Charlie, our artist in glass creates unique pieces of hand blown contemporary glass. His approach balances the simplicity of his forms with more complicated use of line and pattern. He incorporates cane techniques in the blowing process, which are enhanced by polishing to highlight areas of interest and enjoys designing work that invites the viewer to look more closely at the intricate details, seeing more than at first glance. Working with blown glass is a very hands on experience, and the challenge has always been to make work that uses the natural qualities of light, colour and transparency, creating pieces that are both stimulating and aesthetic. Charlie exhibits internationally and has pieces in both private and public collections.  

These are made to order in the colour of your choice.    They are unique pieces and sizes do vary slightly.

Small 38cm x 12cm approx

Large 59cm x 15cm approx

This item has longer delivery time of 2-3 weeks