Vintage Wine Storage Wall Rack


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"A unique and revolutionary system to store and display your wine", in wall racks where you can see the bottle labels clearly, rather than just the corks.  "The innovative rack design means you can fit almost any number of wine bottles into spaces that tradtional cork-forward storage just will not fit."

These wall racks can be used in a small kitchen,  a bespoke wine cellar or restaurant, and will make an attractive and decorative feature wherever they are used.

They are available in a variety of different heights and depths, allowing you the flexibility of having racks which are either 1, 2 or 3 bottles deep and come in either a black or, the slightly more expensive, platinum finish.  Racks of 9 bottles high are also available, as are racks for Magnums.

We only show a small selection of the options available, so if these do not suit, please contact us for further information.

All racks can be easily combined, stacked, cut to fit or interlaced to fit narrow spaces.



This item has longer delivery time of 2-3 weeks